Are you in a recipe rut; using the same 5-6 recipes week after week? Some of them even jeopardizing your health?  Save time, money and headache by having weekly recipe suggestions sent to your inbox, for just $10/month

3 recipes per week are balanced, filling and most importantly, dietitian-approved! Each week you will get recipes for 2 dinner/lunch meals and 1 breakfast meal along with calorie estimations and a pre-made grocery list! 

Our intention is to show you how simple swaps can make some of your favorite dishes healthy, delicious and easy to make! 

All recipes are written for 2 portions.  Scale up or down based on your preferences. I always encourage my clients to scale up to make enough for leftovers so you don't have the urge to hit up the fast-food joint the next day!

Save even more time on shopping by using Kroger's ClickList or InstaCart! 


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